Campus Life

An Awesome Residential Campus Full of Creative People from Different Countries


mini_Campus Life _ Football-min

You can enjoy your time with friends playing Soccer or volleyball

mini_Campus Life _ Gym-min

Healthy minds are in healthy bodies.You can exercise from 5 p.m-11 p.m . 

mini_Campus Life _ Pool-min

Water sports can be really fun if you know how to swim


The medical library assumes increasing importance to teaching and research. Our libraries are attempting to preserve the record of medical knowledge and by means of mechanization provide more efficient service to physicians and scientists, but one, or a few, great libraries cannot serve the medical interests of the students. As a result, we have decided to initiate our own virtual library to tackle all the potential problems that our students may encounter.


There are two dormitories designated for housing of the international students at Medical University of Isfahan (MUI). All of them are located within the boundaries of MUI quite reasonably close to the University hospitals and the school premises.


Study Abroad can be inspiring and rewarding – meeting new friends, learning valuable knowledge, experiencing new cultures and customs, and exploring exciting and faraway places. But traveling to a foreign country can also pose unexpected challenges – from the simple complications of a different diet, to an unexpected illness or injury, or even to a more serious accident far from home. Often there are unexpected medical expenses that can present financial challenges, and which may even interrupt your travel abroad.



You can use buses for intercity trips

mini_Campus Life _ Metro-min

Isfahan subway has one line from south to north of the city


You can always get a taxi if You like faster and more private trips



Minced meat, Fried, onions, and salt



Rice, Green Beans, Minced Meat, Onions, and Tomato Paste


Lentils with Rice

Rice, Lentils, Minced Meat, Raisins, Fried onions, & Tomato Paste

Lentils with Rice

Ghorme Sabzi Stew

Fresh vegetables, Red Beans or Pinto Beans, Beef, Fried onions, and lemon

Ghorme  Sabzi  Stew


Chickpea, Garlic, Flour, and  Spices


Eggplants Stew

Beef, Fried onions, and Tomato paste

Eggplants Stew


Minced Meat, Potatoes ,Fried Onions, Chickpea Flour, Spices


Eggplants with whey

Eggplants, whey, onions, garlic, Mint

Eggplants with whey