Tuition & Fees

Getting information about tuition rates can help you manage your education costs at MUI. The tuition fees in US dollars for international students are listed in the tables below. MUI also offers different scholarships according to the candidates' marksheets. Indeed, education fees as well as accommodation and transport will be discounted up to 100%.

General Expenses

Expense Type Payment Amount Payment Type
Registration 50 Only Once
Furnished Accommodation and Transport (Upon Request) 3100 Every Year
Student's Insurance (Health & Sport) 150 Every Year
Student's Family (Health) 15 Per Person, Yearly
Persian Language “Elementary to Advanced Classes” (if deemed necessary) 1500 Once
English Language Courses (if deemed necessary) 3150 Once


Fees for Undergraduate Programs

Degree Programs Duration (Years) Annual Tuition
Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) 7 Years 6000
Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.D.M) 5-6 Years 6500
Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) 5-6 Years 6000
Bachelor's Program 4 Years 2500


Fees for Postgraduate, Specialty, Subspecialty, fellowship Programs

Degree Programs Duration (Years) Annual Tuition
Master’s Programs (M.Sc.) 2-3 Years 4000
Ph.D. Programs 4-5 Years 5500
Specialty (Medicine and Pharmacy) 3-5 Years 5000
Specialty (Dentistry) 3-5 Years 11000
Subspecialty 2-3 Years 5000
Fellowship 2 Years 5000