Learn where you live… Live where you learn…

Accommodation plays an important part in building a solid foundation for academic success.

At the Medical University of Isfahan, we understand that where you live is a major challenge of your student life. That’s why we make sure you shape your experience from the beginning. We guarantee accommodation for all first-year students. Everyone is welcome in our accommodation, from new and current students to undergraduates and postgraduates.

Students benefit from the advantages that come from choosing to study in a city where accommodation of all types, including the residential complex of MUI, is not only accessible but more affordable than in other Iranian cities.

The University recommends students adopt the RECAS approach to identifying an accommodation option to suit their individual needs and support a positive educational experience.

  • Research all available accommodation options
  • Establish a realistic budget
  • Consider the value of managed student accommodation
  • Avoid extended temporary accommodation
  • Seek assistance from the University Accommodation Service

Students unfamiliar with Isfahan are encouraged to consider living in the residential complex of MUI during their first year of university. Living on campus will help you:

  • Develop relationships with a diverse population of people
  • Develop stronger interpersonal and communication skills
  • Get more involved in campus leadership, organizations, and activities
  • Have more contact with faculty and staff members

The residential complex of MUI is located in the southeastern corner of the campus, and provides new students with the opportunity to become better acquainted with the city, settle into their academic program and make new friends, without having to worry about the challenges of the private rental market. The complex located within the boundaries of MUI includes student dormitories, as well as apartments for academic and administrative staff. We have also free transportation facilities within the campus. 

The University has ten dormitories (5 boys and 5 girls’ dormitories). Male and female students are allocated separate dormitories. Most dormitory buildings enjoy facilities such as supermarket, restaurant, gymnasium, playground and cycling areas. Each room is supplied with a phone line and internet access. Computer rooms, library, and study rooms in each dormitory building facilitate study and research activities.

There are two dormitories designated for housing of MUI’s international students, which accommodate around 300 both gender students. These dormitories well-furnished with suitable facilities. These two dormitories are located near the MUI campus quite reasonably close to the university hospitals and the school premises.

All dormitory buildings are supplied with a free transportation system. A fleet of buses transport students to and from dormitories to all faculty buildings on the campus. A clinic provides students with emergency, ambulance and general dentistry services free of charge 24h a day. Congregational prayers are held at dormitory mosques on a regular basis. Counselors based at the dormitories provide students with advice in various areas such as education, marriage, cultural activities, etc.