About Isfahan

Isfahan is a vibrant city stretching along a spectacular river with three UNESCO world heritage sites, ancient Islamic architecture, friendly and hospitable locals, gorgeous bridges, and plenty of hidden locations to discover. It is no wonder that the city of Isfahan is known as “half the world”. Due to its eye candy hand-painted tiling and magnificent public squares, it is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Isfahan, the third biggest city in Iran, should be top of every traveler’s list in Iran. Furthermore, it is worthwhile reading about Avicenna School, Ibn-e-Sina's School of medicine in Isfahan. 


Located in Iran, Isfahan is the pearl of the Middle East, a must-see destination, and the most beautiful city in the world. With all the advantages of a major city, Isfahan offers an enviable lifestyle and ideal study environment.

An affordable city

Student accommodation is more affordable in Isfahan than in many other cities. According to 2020 statistics, the cost of living in Isfahan is approximately 21% higher than in Tehran and 50% lower than in Washington and New York City.

Easy to Get Around

Whether by car, with public transportation, bike or on foot, Isfahan is a vibrant city that is easy to navigate. Isfahan and its metropolitan area have a wide range of public transport and sightseeing transport options. There are different means of transportation so that you can get to where you want to go in Isfahan easily and conveniently.

A Livable City

The city is safe and tranquil, and everything is accessible. A sustainable mobility system serves citizens and vibrant public spaces. Outside the hustling town, there are countless splendid opportunities to explore and relax where beautiful architecture keeps you awake.

Culturally Diverse 

Isfahan has been home to many cultures and religions for decades. Jews, Armenian, Christians and Muslims live together in peace and respect.

A Historical City

Isfahan is reputed to have long roots in rich history. It is easy to spend an entire day meandering in Naqsh-e Jahan Square, a UNESCO world heritage site, alternating between marveling at jaw-dropping architecture and enjoying a peaceful time in the magnificent Grand Bazaar. At the end of the day, you will truly feel as though you have seen half of the world.

Live Centrally

Isfahan is a good place to hang out in both modern and traditional areas and most of them are in the heart of the Central Business District (CBD). It has a lively city centre and is renowned for its festivals, cultural life and sporting events. With great facilities, riverbank, and friendly residents, Isfahan offers a relaxed lifestyle with all the convenience of city living.


Vibrant City Living

Isfahan is a great city for international students. It is blessed with a nice and lovely atmosphere that attracts thousands for recreation, education, and business.

Café Culture

Isfahan is one of Iran’s most cosmopolitan cities with an array of coffeehouses and restaurants, reflecting the diversity of its ethnic communities. Students love to explore and relax in cafés in different parts of the city. They will learn about the locals and their traditions and be amazed by just how much they differ from each other by simply exploring the cafe shops.

Hitting the Mountains

When your sightseeing finishes in the day you can plan for an unforgettable mountaineering at night tailored to your choices, rock climbing or a safe trekking, along with urban tranquillity and mesmerising view of the city. The beauty of Sofeh Mountain with basin and jungle parks with different hiking routes to the summit is infinite. People can also benefit from telecabin, amusement park, 3D cinema, kids play ground, bowling club, restaurants and coffee shops.

Walking Around

There are beautiful streets and streams with pleasant environment to walk around the city. Individuals can take the advantage of Isfahan Free Walking Tour. Participating at this tour will give you an opportunity to see Isfahan through the eyes of the locals.

Art and Music

Take the time to visit prestigious art galleries as well as music museums in order to not only have deeper knowledge about traditional music and the meaning of the Iranian songs, but also get closer to our culture and artworks. Considered as a creative hub for crafts and folk art, Isfahan never ceases to amaze people by the stunning art of enamelling (Minakari), inlaid work (Khātam), engraving (Qalam-Zani), tile work, and miniature. No doubt, such artistic and musical virtuosity is an affirmation of the creativity and resilience of the human spirit, considering Iranian Carpets which have always been famous all over the world. 

Shopping Centers

Isfahan boasts about a range of shopping experiences comparable to anywhere in the Middle East. Within walking distance of the university, there are several malls and trendy boutiques. The City Centre is one of the largest shopping centers in the world, containing good value, upmarket department and chain stores.

River and Urban Parks

The city enjoys a fantastic river, Zayandeh Rood, which is the largest river of the Iranian Plateau. Along its margins, there are marvellous parkland, a flower garden, and valuable forest parks, such as Nazhvan with numerous attractions like museums, aquarium, birds garden, kids pool, play grounds, horse riding, rafting, telesiege, and cycling routes.