Visa & Consulate

  • The applicant’s initial admission is subject to the approval of a scientific and general qualification and the final admission is subject to obtaining a passport with a visa and an academic residence.
  • All students must register their requests to the Centralized System for Registration and Interrogation of Non-Iranian Students Enrolled in the Islamic Republic of Iran and follow the process using the Code of Conduct.
  • Applicants in the first stage of admission must visit ( (the non-Iranian student portal and receive an interception code to apply for their registration at the university in order to be permitted the issuance of a study visa.
  • Non-Iranian students are required to return to their country of origin after graduation.
  • The student is required to complete all stages of obtaining a visa and residence permit maximum by the end of the second half of the year of admission.
  • Applicants are required to apply for an extended permit at least two months before the expiry of their student residency from their university, and the university will also apply within the deadline set for this purpose.