Dining is better when we eat together...

The University Dining Hall offers all-you-can-eat premiere offerings for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Saturday to Wednesday. Our featured menu includes the best quality ingredients of favorable Iranian and international foods. Typical Iranian main dishes are combinations of rice with meat, vegetables, and nuts. Herbs are frequently used, along with fruits.

The Campus Dining Halls are:

Central Dining HallIt has seating capacity for 1500 and an area of 4200 Sq/m which is situated next to the Refah Bank in the university campus.

Persian Gulf Dining Hall: It is located close to the School of Rehabilitation and has a capacity of 600 with 4200 Sq/m built area.

Green Restaurant: As a private restaurant it provides peaceful and memorable moments for the guests by serving different types of Iranian foods at more affordable prices then outside of the university. It has glass walls overlooking the green area of the campus.

These halls have the following facilities:

  • Reservation system with the capacity of purchasing credit via automation system and website
  • Improved method for grilling Kebab with less heat and less smoke
  • Cooking rice by semi-industrial and steaming method, with less oil and less waste
  • Automatic Kebab skewer, not using hands in making Kebab
  • Steel containers: More durability and simple washing 
  • Two menus, for choosing meal by the students
  • Food materials of high quality