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Deciding where to attend university is a life-changing decision. Whether you are just beginning your university search or have already been admitted to MUI, visiting campus provides insights you simply cannot get through word-of-mouth. People can tell you how great the MUI Campus is, but the best way to determine if MUI is the appropriate university for you is to experience it for yourself and learn about all we have to offer both academically and socially. 

The International Education Center offers a unique visit program to give you a perfect opportunity not only to get to know MUI through a direct look into the scenic campus, including academics, residence life, and campus organizations, but also to explore the community and enjoy picturesque Isfahan.

Medical University of Isfahan has wide ranges of medical majors with a network of affiliated hospitals, research centers and labs. The visitors can get familiar with medical sciences, several MUI schools, the essence of research and academic lifestyle. To discover which major may be a good fit, be sure to attend MUI Visit Program.

The program helps you explore your interests and get answers to your questions. Whether you are looking for an in-depth program about your academic interest or want to learn everything you need to know after you are admitted, you will find a program that suits you.

Furthermore, Isfahan has a vibrant and lovely spaces, which is an excellent window for Persian culture. Thus during a 10-days journey, the visitors enjoy rich Iranian culture as well.

Let’s taste different local foods, discover unique urban places, watching international award-winning Persian movies, and see the nature from a novel perspective.

The camp fee is $450 and registration is free of charge. You can register thorough Apply Link. Please note that when you want to choose your level of interest, you should click on 'Short-term Courses' Box.