Budget Transportation Inside the University

The University has a free in-campus transportation system at the service of the students and staff.

To get around the city, there are several ways:

Budget Transportation Inside the City

Private car, motorcycle and bike

If you use your own vehicle, please make sure that you know the rules clearly. You must wear a helmet if you ride a motorcycle.

Attention: It is easier to use public transportation if you have an Isfahan Card, an electronic card used to pay for public transportation. It can be purchased at 50,000 rials, which has initial 20,000 rials credit, and topped up at all subway stations and certain bus stop booths.

Public Buses & BRT

You can use either the normal buses or the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) system. The BRT buses are usually red while the normal buses come in many colors. Most locals would pay by tapping their rechargeable transport card on the reader, but if there’s no gantry at the bus station, it’s possible to pass cash to the driver instead. In all buses, the female section is at the back and the male section is at the front.


There is a north to south subway line that runs for 11 km. Subway starts from 6:30 till 21:00 during the week.

Public Bikes 

Several bike stations are available. You can get a bike with your Isfahan Card.


You can take two types of taxi: normal one and Uber-type.

  • Normal taxies are accessible in their stations.
  • For Uber-type taxies, you need to install some smart phone applications such as Snapp or Tap30. We will help you to be familiar with the instructions.

How to get a taxi?