Tuition & Fees

Getting information about tuition rates can help you manage your education costs at the Medical University of Isfahan. The tuition fees in US dollars for international students are listed in the tables below based on the last changes in 2024. MUI also offers different scholarships for education fees as well as accommodation and transport according to the candidates' marksheets, interview and online tests.

General Expenses 

Expense Type Payment Amount (USD) Payment Type


50 Only Once

Student's Insurance (Health & Sport)

50 Every Year

Student's Family Insurance (Health)

15 Per Person & Every Year

Persian Language “Elementary to Advanced Classes” (if deemed necessary)

300* Basic to Advanced

Education Fee

Based on the Accepted Program Every Year

* for students who start their studies in December 2022 and after


Tuition Fees for Undergraduate Programs 

Degree Programs Duration Annual Tuition (USD)
 Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) 7 Years 4300
Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D) 6 Years 4300
Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) 5-6 Years 4300
MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) 5.5 Years 4300
B.D.S (Bachelor of Dental Medicine) 4-4.5 Years 4300
M.Pharm (Master of Pharmacy) 4-4.5 Years 4300
Bachelor's Program 4 Years 2500


Fees for Postgraduate, Specialty, Subspecialty, Fellowship Programs

Degree Programs Duration Annual Tuition (USD)
Master’s Programs (M.Sc.)  2-3  3000
Ph.D. Programs 3-5  4000
Specialty (Medicine and Pharmacy) 3-5  5000
Specialty (Dentistry) 3-5  11000
Subspecialty 2-3  5000


The dormitory fee is calculated and received annually based on the selected bed room by the student. For September incoming students, it is calculated from September 23 of each year to September 22 of the next year, and for February incoming students, it is calculated from January 21 of each year to January 20 of the next year.

If a student applies to stay in the dormitory and intends to leave the dormitory before the end of the first semester (or has applied to stay in the dormitory for less than one semester), they must pay the tuition fee for one semester. After the first semester, the dormitory fee will be calculated in full and annually.

Accommodation Fees 

Bed/Room  Payment Amount (USD)  Payment Type
5/bed dormitory room will be announced Every Year
4/bed dormitory room will be announced Every Year
3/bed dormitory room will be announced* Every Year
2/bed dormitory room will be announced* Every Year

                             *Discount has been considered for 2 and 3 bed/room


Important Financial Points
  • Tuition and accommodation fees for international students are calculated and received annually.

  • The first year scholarship for dormitory and tuition fees are awarded based on the discount mentioned in the admission letter issued by the university.

  • From the second year onward, the scholarship will be awarded based on your academic achievement and GPA.

  • For more information, you can refer to the Financial Rules and Regulations.