Online Courses

You can expand your access to the Medical University of Isfahan through quality online and continuing education.

We feel the need to provide theory lessons virtually for our students since virtual learning can oftentimes better meet students, and they have the ability to learn on their own schedule as well as accelerate or slow down their pace. Our main concern is to ensure that you as our students can successfully complete your studies and that you do not suffer any disadvantages with regard to your studies and examinations.

Relevant instructional files are being provided by professors and uploaded on Navid System - You can become familiar with the instructions here

Note: You can login with your student number and passport number to Ham-Ava system.

Thank you for your consideration and understanding since the University serves to protect all students, lecturers and employees and takes purely precautionary measures to prevent any possibility of the corona virus spreading at the MUI and to slow down the chain of infection in our society.